At Deja Marc, we craft one-of-a-kind fingerprint jewellery for those who understand that jewellery is so much more than just fashion — it's also a thoughtful reminder of our unique relationships. Whether you’re a bride-to-be, best man, parent of the groom or a really special friend, nothing quite says “I’m with you every step of the way” like fingerprint cufflinks from Deja Marc.

On your sleeves and close to your heart

Whether you’re suiting up for your engagement party, wedding day, a special family gathering or work event, having the people who love and support you nearby can make any formal occasion that much more special. While this might not always be possible, there is a simple and sentimental way to have your loved ones nearby when you need them most — with personalised cufflinks.

Our range of sterling silver fingerprint cufflinks

Acting as the perfect blank canvas, you can have a single fingerprint engraved on both cufflinks or two different fingerprints engraved on a set. A truly thoughtful way to have your bride, sibling, best man or friend with you as you wait at the end of the aisle on your big day.

For those with bigger families and friends all over the world, our Duo and Trio fingerprint cufflinks can have half of 2 or a third of 3 fingerprints engraved on our solid Sterling Silver cufflinks — with the option to have the other complimentary cufflinks engraved with initials or a name. So no matter the occasion, you can look down at your sleeves and know that you’re not alone.

If the intended wearer of our personalised cufflinks is a parent to a fur-baby, our Paw Print cufflinks are classic and timeless — keeping your furry friend close to you at all times.

Ordering your unique fingerprint cufflinks in Australia

The process of ordering a pair of custom-made cufflinks from Deja Marc is simple. Once you’ve placed your order online, you’ll shortly receive a fingerprint kit with detailed instructions and a return envelope. You’ll be required to ink your finger and press your mark onto a piece of paper which allows us to perfectly capture every unique line and curve of your fingerprint. Then, you’ll need to send the kit back to us so we can begin creating your fingerprint cufflinks.

After approximately 1 week from receiving your kit, our team will be ready to send you your completed custom-made cufflinks, along with a microfibre cloth and detailed care instructions. Whether you’re ordering your own sentimental keepsake or organising a truly thoughtful gift for somebody special in your life, our personalised cufflinks are unlike any other.

Explore our collection of personalised fingerprint cufflinks in Australia today and enjoy a lifetime of always having those you love right by your side.