What are your Christmas deadlines?  


Final Engraved Necklace:

The lastest order date (to ensure your fingerprint kit arrives in time) is 6th December. Guaranteed by express shipping only (option available at checkout)

Final and completed fingerprints to be sent to us via email or post by 10th December.

We are working with our couriers to ensure all deliveries are couriered to express timings.


Fingerprint Kit

Every necklace ordered receives a fingerprint kit first. The fingerprint kit acts as a beautiful gift in itself so don't worry if you miss the above deadlines. This allows you to go through the fingerprint porcess with your loved one.


Do you capture fingerprints of all ages?

Yes. We capture all ages, from newborns through to adult sized fingerprints. Our process is suited for all ages and sized prints. 

For newborn and children fingerprints, we aim to keep these as true to size as possible for the final necklace. For adult prints (which may be larger than our pendants), we use our engraving technology to scale these down, whilst keeping the ratio and fingerprint detail in perfect condition for the final engraving. 

What age can I capture a fingerprint from?

Fingerprints develop in the womb from 22 weeks, so they will be present on a newborn child. We have produced prints for many babies, with the youngest being 6 weeks old. Please note, newborns fingerprints can be shallow and fine, so having a close-up check to see if the lines have been developed will be able to determine if a print can be captured.

Our ink strips are an extremely easy way of taking fingerprints for all ages. When you pull apart the ink strips, two perfectly distributed ink strips are presented, so with this system it is difficult to apply too much or too little ink to the fingerprints. This makes it ideal to capture all fingerprint types.

How long does the process take?

Deja Marc facilitate two types of delivery with every order. The fingerprint kit & the bespoke engraved Deja Marc necklace. 

The fingerprint kit will be sent out within 24 hours of receiving an order via Australia post. Once received, it is the customers responsibility to complete and return their completed kit in the prepaid envelope.

Once we receive your completed kit, it will take approximately 1-2 weeks for our team to engrave, polish, pack and complete your bespoke keepsake. This timeframe doesn't include the return postage back to the final Australian recipient. Please note, we will send you email communication at each step of the process.   

To read more details on shipping & returns, as well as international orders please visit our shipping & returns page.

How do I capture the perfect fingerprint?

If you are capturing a baby or child's fingerprint, we recommend doing this when they are relaxed or sleepy. As you require a still hand, you may get better results this way. 

We know it’s important for you to capture the best fingerprint, so we have produced full instructions on our process page. If you still have questions after reading this page, send us an email to rosie@dejamarc.com

Are the ink strips safe to use on my child?

Yes, the ink strips are 100% safe to use on your children. We use professional ink strips, which contain sheets of high-grade polyester film which have been coated with a thin layer of fingerprint ink. The ink is non-toxic and hypo allergenic. We have the safety certificate should anyone wish to see this.             

Do you store customer fingerprints?

We hold customers fingerprints for 6 months only, unless asked otherwise. We do this in the unlikely event a product issue occurs, and we need to provide a new product & fingerprint engraving. In the case a customer wishes to use a fingerprint for another purchase and gift at a later stage past the 6 months, we can hold onto a fingerprint longer. If this case, send us an email via our contact us page.    

I already have a fingerprint captured on file. Can I use this? 

We offer and provide a free professional fingerprint kit to ensure you can capture the perfect print, however in the case you already have a fingerprint, we can work together to receive and transfer your print onto a pendant. We will need to qualify the quality of the print, so please send an email through to rosie@dejamarc.com and scan through a copy or image of the print for us to confirm.  

I misplaced my prepaid return envelope. How do I get my completed Fingerprint Kit back to you?

Please post your completed fingerprint kit back to the following address:

Deja Marc
PO Box 7463
Bondi Beach
NSW, 2026

I haven't had confirmation that Deja Marc have received my Fingerprint kit

If you have posted your pre-paid envelope including your fingerprints and not heard from Deja Marc confirming receipt after 10 days, please send us an email via our contact us page. Please detail your order number and we will investigate this for you.

Do you offer bereavement services?

Firstly, if you are reviewing this question due to a loved one passing, we are sorry for your loss. We understand that having a loved one’s fingerprint on a piece of jewellery after they pass is incredibly special, so we work with several funeral homes to ensure this can be possible. If you would like to understand if this is possible for circumstance, please contact us here.

If you are a funeral home and wish to work with Deja Marc, please contact us via our contact page.