Bespoke Creations


Based on the personalised nature of our jewellery, we often get customers wanting to make additions or customisations to their pieces. As a result, we offer a bespoke service, which allows you to work directly with our design team to bring you keepsake jewellery to life. 

For example you can produce different combinations such as a fingerprint on one side and a paw print or footprint on the other side. Or perhaps you have something special from loved one who is no longer here that you would like to see if we are able to engrave onto our jewellery. The possibilities are endless. 

How do I start the bespoke process? 
Simply complete the enquiry form below sharing the bespoke engraving or combination you would like, including your desired jewellery type and precious metal. 

From there the Deja Marc design team will consult with your on your final design and send you a finalised order summary to review. Once approved, we will get to work and commence the production of your personalised keepsake. 

Happy designing x  


Bespoke Enquiries

Please send our lovely design team a message below to enquire about a bespoke creation

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