Our Process


We have a simple process so that it is easy for our customers to capture the perfect fingerprint and receive their final necklace. 

Below showcases your customer experience with Deja Marc.  



How To Capture The Perfect Fingerprint


Fingerprint Instructions

Each necklace purchased comes with a free fingerprint kit and instructions for you to captured the perfect print.      


Step 1. Your kit comes with an ink strip. Only when you're ready to capture your print, pull apart the ink strip and place the two usable strips on a hard surface. 


Step 2. With clean and dry hands, place the index finger tip straight down onto the ink strip. 

Tip: Don't roll your finger.


Step 3. With the plain paper close by, remove your finger from the ink strip and transfer it to the plain paper. Press your finger down on the plain piece of paper to produce a print.  Repeat as many times as required. You'll start to get the hang of it after a few attempts. 

Tip: Light to medium firmness gets the best results. If you are seeing dark smudged prints, you are pressing too hard. 


Step 4. Once finished, wait 10 minutes until dry. Then place the prints back in the blue fingerprint kit folder, followed by the prepaid envelope and post back to us. 

Important: You must use the paper supplied by Deja Marc with your order number on. This is how we identify you. 


Alternative Step 4: Take a close up picture of your clearest print and send an email along with your order number to prints@dejamarc.com