Why Fingerprint Jewellery Makes The Perfect Gift For New Mums

Finding the perfect gift for new mums in Australia is about choosing pieces that are truly unique and feel special. A piece of jewellery represents a long-lasting keepsake that celebrates the value of relationships and deep connections, whether gifting to a friend, to your partner or celebrating new life.

Something just for her

From baby showers to family visits, mothers are showered with gifts for the new baby, and while new parents need all the supplies they can get, they also need to feel celebrated as they embark on their new journey. A personalised fingerprint necklace or bracelet is a new mum gift that provides a constant reminder of her incredible adventure of motherhood.

Jewellery that can handle parenthood

Parenthood is an incredible new phase of life, however, you’ll need to start considering clothing and jewellery that has a bit more durability. Whether you’re bathing the new baby or changing nappies, a piece of jewellery crafted from silver or gold is a rust-resistant new mum gift that can handle parenthood. At Deja Marc, we craft our jewellery from hard-wearing sterling silvers and 18k gold vermeil that delivers shine and long-lasting durability. Durable and safe from discolouration, our necklaces and bracelets can handle being splashed with water during bath time or covered in slobber as the little one is rocked to sleep.

Personalise your congratulations

If you’re looking for a special keepsake to give your friend, partner or family member, a delicate piece of jewellery is just the thing. The options for new mum jewellery in Australia are endless, however, a custom fingerprint necklace or bracelet is truly unique.

At Deja Marc, we take individual fingerprints from loved ones and intricately diamond engrave them onto a pendant. Linked by a delicate silver, yellow gold or rose gold chain, you can wear the pendant around your wrist or neck. We offer exquisite engraving options, whether you’d like to capture the fingerprint of a loved one or your newborn. Our fingerprint collection offers a range of designs, from single printed pendants to duo prints that capture half the fingerprint of one person, and half of another. Explore the classic collection which offers complimentary initial or name engraving for a truly personalised new mum gift.

Gifts for new mums in Australia

Rosie, the founder of Deja Marc, initially sparked the idea for fingerprint jewellery after attending a baby shower for a close friend. She found that gifts were given primarily for the new baby but wanted to share a new mum gift that was a little more sentimental. Formulating an idea for a personal gift that her friends could cherish throughout their lives, she started crafting custom fingerprint jewellery as the perfect memento. Deja Marc celebrates personal relationships born out of love, whether that be a mother and child, lovers, family or the timeless bond of best friends.

Exquisite new mum jewellery in Australia

Inspired by the Spanish phrase ‘deja tu marca’, meaning ‘leave your mark’, Deja Marc jewellery captures deep emotional connections. With a simple engraving process, our fingerprint jewellery is a reminder for new mothers that they have indeed left their unique mark on earth - new life. For an exquisite piece of new mum jewellery in Australia, shop our collection of bracelets and necklaces online today.

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