5 Occasions Where Meaningful Jewellery Is The Perfect Gift

Temporary and fleeting, the special moments in life go by so fast that we often forget to savour every minute. As a thoughtful way to re-live truly unique and memorable moments, meaningful jewellery is the perfect gift for so many occasions. In this blog, we’ll take a look at five events where there is truly no better way to celebrate than with a beautiful piece of personalised jewellery! Keep reading to find out more. 

1. A special birthday gift

Able to be worn day in and day out, a high-quality necklace or bracelet with engraved initials of the person you’re celebrating is a thoughtful gift that they’ll no doubt appreciate. Whether it’s a 10th or 80th birthday, meaningful jewellery not only serves as a gift for the moment but will transport your loved one back to that special day for years to come.

2. Celebrating a new family member

For new mums, a pendant from Deja Marc’s fingerprint collection is a thoughtful and timeless gift. You can capture your bub’s fingerprint and carry it around your neck on a gorgeous pendant - that way, they’re always with you, even in spirit! 

If you’ve welcomed a furry friend to your family and you want to remember this exciting moment for many years, you can also capture their tiny paw print on a necklace. The paw print pendant is linked to a luxe bobble chain and has complimentary initial or name engraving on the back. When worn, our paw print necklaces sit just above the heart: a reminder your beloved companion is always with you.   

From baby showers and newborn births to introducing a new pet to the family, customised fingerprint jewellery is simply unparalleled. 

3. Honouring an achievement

If your friend has just graduated university, bought their first home or landed their dream job, celebrating their achievements with personalised jewellery is a gift that'll no doubt pull on the heartstrings. We have gold, rose gold and silver necklaces and bracelets of the highest quality, so your lucky friend can wear their new pieces year after year. Personalised jewellery is also a great option if you’re on the hunt for a meaningful wedding gift for your best friend.

4. For a meaningful anniversary

You can’t go wrong with meaningful jewellery for your girlfriend or boyfriend — it’s always a great gift idea. Choose a classic solid sterling silver or 18k gold vermeil piece custom-engraved with the date of your anniversary — they’ll never take it off! 

5. Cherished memories of a loved one 

The passing of a loved one and the anniversary of their death can be a time for quiet and meaningful reflection. Engraving a piece of jewellery with their initials is a beautiful way to honour their legacy and remember the good times you shared with them. With silver, rose gold and gold options available, a Deja Marc necklace always keeps them close to your heart and their memory alive. 

As a brand that celebrates all kinds of love, be it the love of a mother and child, husband and wife or the love of best friends, Deja Marc has a wide range of customisable, meaningful jewellery for every occasion. It’s a simple yet beautiful way to celebrate special occasions and memories while marking huge life milestones. Browse our website today to explore our high-quality jewellery. If you have any questions about our bespoke pieces or need help placing an order, please get in touch with our friendly team.

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