The Perfect Paw Print! A How-to guide ft. Lisa and Pinot

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, so we know capturing a paw print can sometimes be difficult for all the animal lovers out there! We decided to ask Lisa her tips and tricks to mastering the ultimate paw print of your furry friend…


TIP 1. Grooming - Pinot was fresh out of the salon! This was the perfect time to take advantage of his perfectly groomed paws. Being a bundle of fluff, I wanted to make sure that we were able to get a really clean print. The hair around his paw pads were trimmed (this can also be done at home if you have a co-operative pup!) and this allowed for a clean transfer from the ink strip onto his paw pads.

TIP 2. Time of day - if your pup is anything like Pinot, a sleep in is high on his list of favourite things! Pick a time when your pup is relaxed and calm and feeling a little snoozy. This will allow for less resistance around something new and foreign. You'll be able to gently ease them into the right position to transfer the ink onto the print sheets.

TIP 3. Set Up - Have everything laid out, prepped and ready to go before you get your pooch involved. I had everything set up on the coffee table. Ink sheets ready, Print sheet set out. And a damp towel for after, just to give his paws a wipe from any residual ink (although this is minimal!) The more time put into setting up, means you'll be able to get a nice quick, clean print!

TIP 4. Treats - are magic! I'm pretty lucky with Pinot. He is the floppiest floof as soon as he's in my arms. So getting a good print from him was pretty easy. But Treats can work in your favour! Have their kryptonite ready to go and make this an enjoyable, special moment for your good boy (or girl).


Dont’t be afraid to have a few goes - practice makes perfect! Keep these tips in mind and we’re sure you’ll be able master your personalised paw print jewellery piece. (Don’t worry if your prints not perfect, we can tidy this up for you and remove smudge)

Good Luck - we can’t wait to bring your paw print jewellery to life! X

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