Power Of Mum

The Deja Marc team are so thrilled to introduce to you our Mothers Day campaign. 

Entitled Power of Mum and produced in our in-house photography studio, the content celebrates the special bonds between Mothers and their loved ones by simply asking 'What does being a Mum mean to you?' 

Our Mothers Day campaign features real life Deja Marc customers and family members, and is completely unscripted. The campaign aimed to capture raw and authentic bonds between family members by capturing those special touches and unique moments, and hearing their individual take on Motherhood in its truest form. 

Deja Marc founder Rosie says “I am incredibly proud of the team behind this campaign. Using our customers and real people was the perfect way to represent Motherhood in our first Mother's Day campaign. The love and meaning behind their Deja Marc pieces is very personal to them, so being able to capture this and hear their love first hand was extremely moving. We understand Motherhood means different things to different women, however the unscripted moments all came back to the theme of Power. So much so it became our campaign name - Power of Mum”

The campaign was produced by Ash Larden, a Sydney based photographer and videographer famous for her work with Fendi, Dior and Louis Vuitton. 


Campaign Team

Ash Larden: Photographer & Videographer 

Gemma Grayson: Marketing & Production Assistant (Deja Marc) 

Rosie Plunton: Founder (Deja Marc)


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