Leave your 'Marc'

At Deja Marc we have a big purpose - To celebrate human connections and help others leave their mark in the world. 
We do this firstly with our Deja Marc necklaces, where customers leave their mark in the form of fingerprint design. The other is to support those on a higher mission, who with their work, are leaving their mark for the greater good of others.




How can you get involved? 

As we support and feature these causes on an ongoing basis, you will have the chance for 10% of your purchase to go towards their individual missions. Every few months we will support a new cause, and inform our customers of a unique code to use at checkout. Deja Marc will then gift this total amount to the cause as a Thank You for driving a positive impact. Follow our Instagram and brand story to know who these are. 

Do you know anyone worthy? 

We are looking to feature and support different causes who ‘Leave their Marc’ in one of the following areas;

  • Humanitarianism
  • Education & helping others progress
  • Innovation for the greater good    


If you know an individual, initiative or company who is truly leaving their mark on the world, and believe Deja Marc needs to support them, we want to hear from you.


Please enter your details via our contact us form below, with a small explanation on why they are worthy, and we will get back to you.