Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We capture all ages, from newborns through to adult sized fingerprints. Our process is suited for most ages, however it is necessary that the fingerprint has visible lines on it.

 Newborn fingerprints develop in the womb from 22 weeks, so they will be present on a newborn child. Whilst we have produced keepsake from as young as a few days old, please note, newborn fingerprints can be shallow and fine, so having a close-up check to see if the lines are visible will be able to determine if a print can be captured.

 For newborn and children fingerprints, we aim to keep these as true to size as possible for the final necklace. For adult prints (which may be larger than our pendants), we use our engraving technology to scale these down, whilst keeping the ratio and fingerprint detail in perfect condition for the final engraving. 

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