The Bracelet Collection

Custom Made Fingerprint Bracelets

Gifting a beautiful piece of jewellery to your loved one is a sentimental way to express your passion, appreciation and care. At Deja Marc, we craft jewellery for those who value connection in their relationships and seek to deliver one-of-a-kind pieces that will become keepsakes for years to come.

Leave your mark on a custom engraved bracelet

If you’re looking for a precious keepsake to show your loved one how much you appreciate them, Deja Marc’s exquisite line of engraved bracelets are the perfect memento. Each bracelet bears the fingerprint of someone special, whether that be a newborn child, spouse, partner or friend. Based on the Spanish phrase ’deja tu marca’, meaning 'leave your mark’, our fingerprint bracelets perfectly capture these emotional connections.


Each bracelet includes a pendant on which your chosen fingerprint is engraved. You can also capture two fingerprints on your pendant with our Duo Fingerprint Bracelet, or a print on either side with our Double Sided Classic Fingerprint Bracelet. The fingerprint pendant is linked by a delicate chain available in either a bobble chain or a classic diamond chain. Not only can you find these fingerprint pendants tied to our bracelets, but also linked to elegant necklaces as part of our Classic Necklace Collection.


Precious golds and silvers to last a lifetime

Constructed from durable high quality precious metals, our engraved bracelets are made to stand the test of time. We fortify these metals with a finishing layer of lacquer, to give your jewellery extra shine and protection. For a delicate piece that you can take from day to evening, our sterling silver bracelets offer elegant versatility. Also available in 18 karat rose gold, the blush rose hue exudes vintage luxury, while our 18 karat yellow gold pieces create a timeless statement.


How to order your fingerprint bracelet in Australia

When you order your fingerprint bracelet online, you’ll receive a fingerprint kit and a pre-paid return envelope. We provide you with detailed instructions on our fingerprinting process so that collecting your personalised mark is simple. Included in the kit is an ink pad and paper which allows us to accurately capture the curvatures of your skin. Once you’ve stamped your mark you can post the kit back to us and we’ll begin crafting your custom engraved bracelet. You’ll receive your bracelet in a jewellery box along with a microfibre cloth and detailed care instructions.


Explore our collection of personalised engraved bracelets in Australia today to connect special people to important moments.