18k Rose Gold

18k Rose Gold Fingerprint Jewellery

People often gravitate towards gifting jewellery when thinking of ways to show love, appreciation, remembrance, gratitude and congratulations to the remarkable people who walk through their lives. These small tokens carry so much meaning which is why deciding on the right piece is so important.

At Deja Marc, we specialise in creating thoughtful, personalised pieces of jewellery engraved with fingerprints. Our latest collection of fingerprint jewellery comes in rose gold necklace and bracelet designs, and are made locally with high quality precious materials. Not only will this gift be an incredibly thoughtful gesture for your loved one but it will be a quality piece of jewellery made to last a lifetime.

Memories captured with custom jewellery

If you’d like to gift a special someone in your life with a piece of jewellery they won’t soon forget, then a Deja Marc fingerprint necklace or bracelet in rose gold will be a one-of-a-kind piece that will leave a mark. 

Our process is simple, first you choose a piece from the beautifully designed collection of 18K rose gold vermeil. Select from classic, double sided or duo 16mm pendants and decide on whether you’d like either a bobble or diamond chain for your rose gold necklace or bracelet. To add an extra personal touch, you can choose to engrave a name or initial on any single-sided pendant.

Once you have selected your preferred design, you then need to make a copy of your fingerprint in order to customise your necklace or bracelet. You will receive a free fingerprint kit in the mail with simple instructions included and a pre-paid envelope to return the completed kit to us.  

After we receive your fingerprints, that’s when the magic begins and we get to work on creating your personalised piece. Whether the rose gold necklace or bracelet is your way of saying thanks to your mum, or a celebration of marriage, or perhaps even a way to immortalise the spirit of your fur-child, we engrave each piece with care and love.

To browse the Deja Marc collection of rose gold jewellery, head to our website to select a unique and sentimental gift for your special someone today.