A brand dedicated to celebrating
human connections and helping others leave
their mark in the world.


Deja Marc is an Australian based Jewellery brand. The brand name Deja Marc was inspired by the phrase ‘Deja tu marca’ in Spanish - Meaning 'Leave your Mark'. Inspiration for individuals to leave their mark physically in the form of fingerprint design, as well as symbolically by doing great things and leaving their mark on the world.

Rosie, the founder of Deja Marc was sparked by inspiration after a series of friends baby showers highlighted they were all about the baby, and not the soon to be mum. Wanting her friends to have something sentimental, but also a personal gift for them to cherish she started making keepsakes.

Deja Marc was really born out of love, and it truly celebrates all, not just newborns. The love of a mother and child, husband and wife, boyfriend or girlfriend, and the unbreakable bond of best friends. Any type of love really. They are all so different, with their own unique story to tell.

We hope to capture your love story too x