Jewellery Care Instructions



Deja Marc jewellery is made entirely from precious metals.

Our jewellery is 18k Gold Vermeil, which is a 18th century French jewellery plating technique. The base is .925 Silver, with a thick layer of 18k yellow gold to the Vermeil standard (it needs to qualify over a specific thickness to be called Vermeil). We also add a pallidum layer to ensure the lasting of our plating.

In Sydney, after our team have diamond engraved the gold pendants with each fingerprint, we add a protective lacquer over the top to ensure a longer life of your necklace. This protective layer assists with tarnish and oxidisation.


Caring for your vermeil jewellery

Vermeil plated jewellery items are delicate and require care to ensure the plating lasts. Given the sentimental nature of the product, we encourage you to follow these general care rules to ensure a quality life of your piece:

  • The number one thing to know is moisture speeds up the tarnishing process. Therefore, please avoid contact with water and steam, and do not wear in the shower, while bathing or swimming. Protect your jewellery from extreme sunlight and temperatures.
  • Substances are often harsh on gold, such as saltwater, chlorine in pools, soap, perfumes and other personal products. Please remove and be mindful of these substances on your jewellery.
  • Please remove before doing household cleaning or gardening where chemical sprays are often used.
  • Remove your necklace for all sporting activities and physical based exercises.
  • Store your jewellery in your original Deja Marc jewellery box at night. Ensure your necklace is completely air dry beforehand.

To clean your necklace carefully, gently wipe your necklace with a soft damp cotton cloth to remove dirt. If you wish to provide it with a more thorough clean, use soapy water (with non-harsh washing liquid or soap) to gently wash away any dirt. After drying use our polishing cloth to restore shine.